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Honk for Israel

31 May


A Recent Write-Up About Robert Kunst

19 May

Kunst is running as an Independent to unseat Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s FL House Seat, in District 20. If you’re not in District 20, face it, all of FL District Representatives make up the FL House, and even though you can’t vote for him, you still want someone there who supports most of the issues you support! When it comes to Israel & a United Jerusalem, HE DOES!! More so then any candidate I’ve come across. Not just by words, but as you know, he’s a true activist for the noble & just cause so near & dear to you! In every email or news alert he refers to the schultz/obama/biden gang who want to divide Jerusalem, appease the Arabs & weaken our beloved America & Israel.

Do you have any idea how much ‘outside’ support money Debbie gets? More than 1/3 of funds contributed!!

Schultz has close to a million dollars raised already. Scroll down the page in this link:

and, do you have any idea who contributes funds to Schultz? You should also click on the Industry, Sector & PAC’s tab in this link:

Kunst just now decided to run & filed, and has to first start raising funds. His blank website is in progress. He has an uphill climb, starting from scratch and so much work to do to win in November. It’s truly a “David & Goliath” race. David won! With the help of G_d, Bob Kunst will too. BEH The important thing is to get his message out. You can’t vote for him, but you can support him, by spreading the word to everyone you know, especially those in district 20, which goes down to Miami Beach, so your Mom may be able to. Here is the District 20 Boundary Map which is highlighted in purple:

Check your voter’s registration card. I think you are either in District 22, Ron Klein, or District 19, Ted Deutch. Both districts cover parts of Boca Raton.

As to the ’blackballing” of Bob you speak of, who exactly? The self hating Jewish groups like AIPAC and JSt, along with Obama, who are deciding how to divide Jerusalem and sell it to stupid Jews who don’t have a clue? It’s a nightmare! G_d help us all!!

My dear friend, I took the time to write all this, I want you to take the time and read Bob’s latest email. (JUST BELOW) It will give you an idea where Bob Kunst stands & what he does, not just here in Florida, or in the USA, but internationally. You said you want to know about him, so please read it all, & reply to me what you think!! His message must be heard, and his candidacy gives him the forum to speak out. BTW, the Million Mensch March is in Washington DC in June.

Fondly, Julia